DROP GECKO REVIEW & Live Demo Review

Drop gecko


  • Makes it super easy to use straight away and get set up in a flash!


  • While the software is really great you still have to know the best traffic techniques for an eCom store which unfortunately isn’t included in the main product.


Find Out in my Drop Gecko Review Why drop gecko can change the game for anyone struggling to Succeed Dropshipping.


As I mentioned above I have been learning and striving to get into eCom and DropShipping for over 6 Months but due to having so many moving elements have yet to be successful and this is why Drop Gecko is a major game changer.

Drop Gecko is a web-based software that can be used from virtually any place and practically does everything for you to get started and set up.



Now I will try to make my Drop Gecko review as condensed as possible as the Drop Gecko sales page shows you everything that it does.

I logged into my review copy of Drop Gecko and didn’t worry about viewing the training videos and from clicking around a few options in Drop Gecko can say with 100% complete satisfaction that I have yet to see or review a program that is so easy to use.



Drop Gecko is actually so easy that I am actually considering purchasing it for myself or Cindy (the Drop Gecko creator who also created Shopabot) to make me a real account to use for myself.


So lets go through some of my favorite features of the tool!



*You can choose from a really huge amount of themes!

*You can decide to add coupon codes right inside of the Drop Gecko software!

*You can search for any product & pull it straight from Aliexpress & then directly into you website!

*The your store on Drop Gecko is completely self-hosted (or you can choose to buy your own domain if you wish)!

*You can choose to use any category that you want!

*All Shipping details are placed inside the app!

*You have Blog connected to your store verified by Google and allows you to start ranking using SEO!

*The products that you import into Drop Gecko can then easily be marked up in price to make instant profits!!

*You have the option to collect the emails of your customers inside the Drop Gecko software, which allows you to retarget them!

drop gecko features


When you put all of these things together, everything that was preventing you to succeed in eCom becomes insignificant so this is why I say Drop Gecko has everything you need.


I would say it is a very massive timesaver & you can expect to have a store or website up in a matter of minutes and get the all the top selling products imported straight into your store!

If your anything like me & you have also wanted to get into Dropshipping but never had the time or any of the skills to get it done, then Drop Gecko is a definite must for you!

Many people could call it the swiss army knife of dropshipping tools!!

I know that Drop Gecko will change a lot of lives!

I biggest thing I would say in my Drop Gecko review is that considering the super low cost that it’s worth every penny!




There are a few OTO’s which you may be interested in.


OTO 1 is called Drop Gecko PRO and has many more features including traffic sources and 7 other main features!


OTO 2 is called Drop Gecko Mail which is a done for you mail service which will boost sales and bring your business to an even bigger level than it was at before!


OTO 3 of Drop Gecko is the agency version of the software which allows you to create 10 stores a Month and then sell them / flip them!


(Just email at (unparalleledreviews@gmail.com) after buying the product with a picture of the receipt)


Drop gecko bonus


DROP Gecko Review – Is This The Shopify Alternative That You Really Need???

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