Hi, i’m jake & like the title of this article you may be thinking which business model is best for you.

One thing i can say is both can make you a lot of money

Especially when it comes to dropshipping & affiliate marketing, will with this article hopefully I can help you decide between the two. I’ll be highlighting the ins and outs of both. I will let you know about my personal experience with these two business models.

I will tell you what which one I think is better for a beginner to start with. if you’re just starting out and thinking how you can start a online business & your looking to become a online entrepreneur then either model can work for you. I would like to mention that there are different approaches for both dropshipping and affiliate marketing and just to clarify. I will be talking about the most popular let’s say traditional ways of both dropshipping and affiliate marketing. The type of dropshipping that I will be talking about is Shopify using Al Express and Facebook as as a main method of promotion.

The type of affiliate marketing that I will be talking about in this article would involve building a website or a blog publishing articles and using SEO as main method of promotion trying to rank in Google and driving traffic from there. So let me cut straight to the point and say that I personally believe that affiliate marketing is better to start with if you are a beginner and looking for ways on how to make money online. How to succeed as an online entrepreneur now let me explain why I think this.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Beginner Friendly

The main reason is that affiliate marketing is more controlled and predictable whereas dropshipping depends a lot more on chance & luck. we all know that to succeed with dropshipping we have to test a huge amount of products. Sometimes your required to run different number of ads, different niches. We are sometimes required to run a lot of different kinds of pricing strategies & connecting to our target audiences through different influencers. In affiliate marketing it’s enough to do proper keyword research with also doing proper analysis of competition to give your self a great foundation to succeed. After that it’s all about starting your website & writing great articles and then just execute your promotion.

Let’s imagine you have a Shopify store where you are selling led dog collars. So to succeed to start selling these led dog collars you have to run Facebook Ads. You have to test different kind of kinds of led dog collars. You have to try different audiences, different genders, ages and all sorts of things & maybe different countries and and so on and so forth. What it means is that you will have to spend a decent amount of money on just testing these products to begin with and there is also a chance that none of it will work. On the other hand let’s imagine that you have a website or a blog dedicated to dogs & dog owners. What you want to do is write an article on how to choose a dog collar then you rank this article in Google. What it means is that every single person & every single dog owner that is actually looking for a dog collar. When they actually want to buy a dog collar but they don’t know how to choose the right one. Usually you would expect them to go to Google and search in Google how to choose dog collar then in the results come up with your website. That person thanks to your article finds out & learns how to choose the dog collar. They might click on some of these links & go to Amazon & buy a dog collar for his or her dog and you get commission from this sale.

What about the expenses of both models?

You can see with drop shipping you’re trying to push a sale and with affiliate marketing you usually offer a solution and money comes as a result. The second reason why I believe affiliate marketing is better for beginners than drop shipping is expenses. Let’s be honest the majority of people of beginners who are trying to find the way how they can make some money online they’re doing that not because they’re already rich and they’re trying to find new things new opportunities although there are people like that the reality. The majority of beginners don’t have extra money to invest into real businesses and they’re trying to find the way how they can start making some money online with as less expenses as possible.

So with drop shipping as we discussed in our previous point that we need money to invest into ads to invest into testing different products then with affiliate marketing on the other hand. You can start making money without spending a single penny. I will tell you in another article the only resource that you need. Whereas in affiliate marketing you need a lot of time to invest into your website & to write your articles. To get your website to a point where it is content rich & also if you make sure you do your SEO properly. Thirdly the last reason why I think affiliate marketing is better than drop shipping not only for beginners but in general is that in the long run affiliate marketing can become your real passive income.

Which means that you don’t need to spend too much time to maintain your affiliate websites so basically as soon as you set up your website with solid high quality content & then rank it in Google on the first page with a strong backlink profile you don’t need to do anything to make sales. Traffic will be going to your website automatically from google search they will be buying the product on Amazon or in other websites that you are affiliated with and you’ll be getting commission automatically which automatically will be going to your bank account.

In Affiliate marketing there is no need to run any ads. You do not not need to process any sales. You will not have to do any of that of course it’s totally up to you and you can decide to grow that website even bigger to create more content to drive more traffic and to make more sales. You can build another website just like the original one in a different niche also you can build it up & set everything up to start ranking in Google and forget about that one as well. You can check up on both of these websites from time to time to make sure that your keywords are still ranking well and you don’t need to do anything on the other hand with drop shipping it will never be a passive income even if you are outsourcing to Facebook advertising or customer service or product shipping. You still will not be able to let the shop go and work on its own you will have to constantly day by day check up on it and make sure that all the processes. Otherwise you will need to check on your employees or contractors to make sure they do the job properly.

What is my personal experience

Let me tell you briefly about my personal experience. My journey started about ten years ago when I first typed into Google how to make money online at that time, Dropshipping didn’t even exist and I believe affiliate marketing was the main way how to make money online back in the day. I have to say it wasn’t easy for me and I failed for many years before I started making some fast dollars with affiliate marketing. I’m not saying that affiliate marketing is a lot a lot easier than drop shipping but I believe that affiliate marketing is the best foundation for any type of online businesses that you will want to dive into in future as to my experience.

I tried drop shipping for about half year a few months ago. I set up 3 different shops not at the same time but like one after another I was trying different niches & different approaches. I have to say that pretty much all three shops failed just to be fair I already had my affiliate marketing business and I already was making sales with affiliate marketing and that what I actually like best and like and enjoy doing so I was not really invested emotionally and intentionally into drop shipping so I was not putting as much effort as probably some other marketers. Who are putting their lives on drop shipping and hoping to make a million next year with drop shipping so it was not my situation but as I said in this article I didn’t like quite like a few things about drop shipping. I find that it is quite unpredictable, secondly of all is quite risky which means that you have to put quite a decent amount of money without any guarantees and quite high risks that you are not going to be able to forecast the outcome & thirdly it’s a non-stop hustle with non-stop work every single day and that’s not my cup of tea so in conclusion. I would like to say that in this article I shared with you my personal opinion on both affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

Final Thoughts

I feel that marketing is a type of business model that I personally like doing I like the whole process of it. I’m sure there are people maybe it’s you who like e-commerce and dropshipping way more than content marketing and SEO then please don’t let me stop you and please go ahead with drop shipping. I wish you best of luck to succeed with drop shipping and start making money.

Dropshipping vs affiliate marketing : which one is most profitable?

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