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Hey my name is Jake and i’ll be showing you exactly how to build your email list on youtube superfast & also how you can really start building your influence online.

So let’s jump into the tips


Number one misconception of email building

One of the biggest mistakes i’ve seen a lot of people make is not focusing on building a email list at all. I think there’s an massive misconception going around about email not being important any more and a lot of focus and attention instead on getting more followers on social media & subscribers on Youtube.

The main problem with doing this is that you don’t own those communication channels. I’ve seen this myself happen on Facebook. Organic reach at one time was so great but as time went on less and less people were seeing your posts even if they were subscribed & following your feed or even a fan of yours it doesn’t even mean that you can get your message to them and even here on YouTube most channels have less than 10% of their subscribers see the videos in the domain subscription feed.

Is Social Media keeping your posts in the dark?

Just because someone’s following you on social media doesn’t actually mean they can see your posts. So when it comes to social media it doesn’t mean that you’re actually reaching your audience that’s why i always encourage entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers to focus on building an email list. It gives you the opportunity to get in front of your community & the tribe your building, despite what happens with social media platforms.

What’s really causing this post blackout

The introduction of new algorithms are the main culprit. There is also an massive danger that any platform can disappear tomorrow essentially erasing your social media presence all together. I’ve always been left with the feeling of being on rented land with my social accounts. The advantage of an email list is that you yourself own something that you’re able to communicate with your subscribers in a deeper way over The Long Haul. Currently on YouTube 100 to 200 new people are on average signing up for various email lists across various brands that I’m working with and this is very organic and these are people that are obviously interested in the niche. Which makes sending them audience specific content a easier process.


Organic vs Paid Traffic

This strategy doesn’t rely on paid traffic but that doesn’t mean that results cannot be boosted further through paid ads. I really believe that YouTube is one of the best ways you can build an thriving email list.

Emails List or Facebook posts

When looking at my own studies I found one email broadcasted would have a 46.2% opening rate compared to Facebook that might have for one one post a reach of 155 people even though you might have a higher number of subscribers & 1000 to 1500 Facebook likes and shares per post. now we’ve seen a introduction of algorithms in Instagram and Twitter. Which means that even if you have an huge number of followers your content is still not getting getting in front of all of them. Out of my email list list 32% were able to see the content I was sending out to them and was able to not only open the email but click through the links contained in them. You can’t get anything close to that anymore on any other social platform. There’s nothing currently that can come close to that amount of attention that still exists. I really want to encourage you to really think about email list & make it a integral part of your overall strategy online but how do you actually do it.

lets jump to our 5 tips:


Tip one: (Pick Your Email Provider)

First thing I want you to do is pick a email service provider this is known as a CRM and these are services like MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Convertkit and I myself commonly use Getresponse. You also have the choice to use specialist emailing software such as leadprimo which you can find a review here. I want to encourage you to do a lot of research but don’t get stuck here it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to just get started.

Power Tip

If you start with an certain service provider make sure ahead of time that you’re able to export the email list and the contact information that you get from them and that you can switch at any time. I actually started with MailChimp initially where I was able to use just the free version for quite a while before needing to switch to the paid version however I eventually learnt that they weren’t very favorable to affiliate marketing. I think affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate income online so that’s why made the switch I made the switch to get response


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Since making that switch I’ve absolutely loved them it’s been amazing. They not only have a good basic model, but eventually you can move into some advanced automation. So whether you’re a beginner or advanced marketer Getresponse has been pretty incredible resources available. what is cool is that your always free to try out trials with providers like Getresponse to just test it out and see if it works for you.

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Tip Number 2: (Provide a Incentive For Joining Your Email List)

Your goal here is to create something cool to give away in exchange for a person’s contact information. This is referred as a freemium or a freebee or a lead magnet. I’ll be doing a review of the best techniques and strategies to implement this in the future. Firstly you want to focus on a free gift and instead of just saying hey jump on our newsletter you are instead saying there is something really cool that’s actually available. You can download that and also here’s a couple power tips to help.

  1. First tip is to make the incentive very valuable, it doesn’t have to be a PDF you can be also try audio files such as podcasts or even a video that is only available privately. it’s not a public YouTube video or it’s embedded on the page somewhere. You can make a checklist that shows how to get results in your specific niche.

  2. Second quick tip is you want to make sure that is also very specific. What I mean is when you have specific free gift for people they’re able to know why they signed up for that list in the first place so that you can talk them based on their interests. So in my niche for those that have signed up to list I might teach send them tips on how to trade Forex and Cryptocurrencies and then I would have further articles sent out that give them further help or general articles that they might be interested in based in Forex or Cryptocurrencies.

  3. You want to focus on continually providing great content for your subscribers & providing some valuable tips and information that will help you to monetize that list further down the line. Being able to introduce them to deals or affiliate products that may help them. You want to be in the mindset of helping people & this will really push you in growing your blog or articles. This can work for many other niches they might want to save money on lenses. You might not know about an specific camera.

What ever subject or interest they’ve signed up make sure not to send unrelated articles. So if you give them stuff that they are not interested they will eventually think this is just a spamming email list and what are they going to do, they’re going to unsubscribe because that’s not what they’re interested in.

Tip Number 3: (Use Landing Pages)

The next step when building your email list is landing pages. Although many sites use basic email forms to collect email information. You will find a your email list building at a higher rate with the use of a landing page. This is a lead capture page or a squeeze page and you’ve probably seen this many times before. These are very important when collecting emails & you may find that some on the market can cost a lot of money but there are also a lot of free great ones available. when you’re getting started you can actually definitely use the landing pages or squeeze pages that are just a part of your current email provider. So you’ve picked the email service provider & now you’re ready for the final tip number


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Tip Number 4: (Give Calls To Action)

what you want to do is say something to people that will drive them to a certain action. I would suggest for people to sign up and download their free gift and when you do this it is a reminder to subscribe and it is shown that people are more likely to carry out this action than if it wasn’t given at all. This practice is good at the every end of every video and always turn showcase other content & videos that you think that they might be interested in.

 top 5 email building tips

How to Build an Email List on Youtube — 3 Actionable Tips

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