If you’ve been looking into online income creation, then you’ve arrived at the right article. I might recommend you think about the below-mentioned Affiliate Programs & work out which one is best for you before making your choice. These Affiliate Programs can assist you to bring in a financial income for yourself

Below i’ve mentioned the top paying best affiliate programs which give out the highest commissions on a consistent basis. I hope you find this article useful in your steps in picking which affiliate website is best for you:


With one of the most profitable offers around at a staggering 40% recurring commission, You have first on my list SEMRUSH. This has turned into one of my all time favourite affiliate offers on my radar for 2018. Later on I will be going over my top 4 keyword research & SEO software that will really give you a foot up at a later date. The name of the program is Berush & is stated as their official Affiliate Program name. when joining up with SEMRUSH’s high paying affiliate program, you have a chance to promote one of the most best-selling & competitive SEO & keyword services around. Not only that but they are offering a staggering 40% recurring commission with it on a (monthly basis) allowing you to generate a good recurring income from your efforts. All you have to do is use one of their banners or widgets on your website or affiliate links in your articles, or you also have the option to recommend & promote SEMRUSH through your social media accounts to attract those customers & gain that monthly commission


semrush webpage



You might have seen me mention this company before when writing about using them when email marketing but they also offer an affiliate marketing program. Getresponse is one of the most competitive email marketing services out there & also has a very high paying affiliate program. GetResponse is seen as one of the most notable email marketing tools there is. When it comes down to their recurring commission it is also second to none in the affiliate business, they have such a large edge when it comes to the majority of other programs. Getresponse make they affiliate program even more lucrative offering affiliates a 33% lifetime commission for every referred customer that uses their email marketing service! Just to ease the customer’s minds on if whether or not they should invest in the company there is a 30-day free trial package on offer which offers a solid service for customers to get a good sense of their email marketing tools. The commissions are Paid by Paypal or Cheque at a minimum payout threshold of $50 dollars.


getresponse webpage



Now dropshipping was one of the most trending topics of 2017 & Shopify, is now seen as one of the biggest leading e-commerce software around, Their platform allows you to sell your products online and offline. I have to say the foremost best thing about Shopify is the easy payment integration & also the customer support they provide. They have a payment system available that offers over 70 payment gateways and is also 100% SEO optimised. When using Shopify, you also have extremely functional e-commerce sites or you can have just a shopping cart added to your existing website. When it comes to their affiliate commissions you get with each bill of your referred merchant a good 20% of the total bill which isn’t half bad.


shopify webpage



Online it is known for it’s really high commissions & payment plan & it’s rich catalogue of offers to promote. All of which is true, you will see this all when you click through to the marketplace. This is where you can get access to all of the different Clickbank offers they’ve got sorted into different categories. When searching for the various offers you’ll find on the left-hand side a handy search bar. The figure that for me is a big indication for the success of the offer is the gravity which essentially is the number of successful affiliates running it.

I started my journey with clickbank & i’ve been with clickbank ever since. I would say it’s very good for beginners. I find two advantages of clickbank. The first one is you can find something in any niche to promote & the second is the commissons. Commissions are anything from 50% to 75% on average sale. On top of that some products offer recurring commission so even after the first sale . You would be paid on a monthly basis as long the subscriber stays subscribed to the program. Clickbank is very newbie friendly. You don’t even have to have a website to promote their products. You don’t have to have your application reviewed. You just register and then go to the marketplace. You are free to promote the offers how you like but make sure to read their terms of service and policies.

If you’re interested in learning more about Clickbank just give me a comment below & I can make a full article on how I analyse this cause I’ve got some third-party tools to essentially analyse the different offers here on Clickbank because their search feature absolutely sucks. lets say you wanted to promote a offer in the golf niche. You might come across one of their best sellers swing man golf course. Which has a 70 % conversion rate and if this course sells about 190 dollars. If they would then buy through your link you could literally make up to $133 per sale on average. This all depends on the traffic that you push to this offer. So if you have an audience of people who want to learn, this exact swing speed training & is right for them. You would find a nice conversion rate from the offers. You want to focus on making sure you are putting the correct offers infront of the right audience. It would be the solution that they’re seeking and you would be helping them. So that’s the way the game works when you apply with Clickbank and once you’re on Clickbank you get access to every single vendor product you can promote.


  • Free registration

  • Very High Commission Rate


  • Really Low Quality Ebooks

  • Only Digital Products Available



clickbank webpage



Now ShareASale has more physical products than Clickbank, which pretty much has all digital products. There are some physical products coming in regarding health and the beauty niche but in shareasale you’re going to find a lot more physical products. I mean you could build a full-on shop of your own with the products here. When logging today I was welcomed with the most popular merchants showcasing the best products for garden, fashion green business.

How To Find Products

I’ve done a lot of searching on the site & i’ve given a overall guide on finding related products on clickbank but on shareasale you’re going to see 424 different merchants available and then it actually detailed searches for the different products that are offered and you will see when you click on products it gives you a quick product overview.

You are allowed to search by the different merchant offerings by products. ShareASale also provides the ability to narrow your search & identify a very specific product. Let’s say your looking into golf products again. You may narrow down to a specific type of golf ball like the pinnacle Pro V & choose only that to promote that specific product if you wish. You can search pinnacle pro v1 & find which programs offer that to you. Then you can see the estimated per sale amount that you’re gonna get and then you could join the program here you’d be able to sell it straight away.

Quick tip

On joining these programs. ShareASale affiliate managers are going to look at your website & they’re going to want to see that you have a clean looking website, they’re going to want to see that you have good content they’re gonna make sure you’re a real person. That you’re a real affiliate marketer that you’re not some fraud who’s simply trying to join their program to go off and spam their links because that can hurt their brand. You always want to build out your site out with content & make sure you’ve got a good product list growing. So I suggest get it up and growing you usually have the opportunity to give notes inside of the application process. I always add a personal note so they have a background on who would be selling there products. I always talk about how I run this sort of product already on my site & how i’m passionate and invested in this niche. We have this many people on our list this is our traffic and I’d love to promote your specific product because it solves a problem for my visitors.

it’s really important to remember that you’re probably gonna get a manual review from an affiliate manager. You need to make sure your site is on the up-and-up so go make sure you get your sales funnel or your WordPress website up & running. The aim is to make sure the website is thriving with lots of content in there before you reach out to these folks.


  • Loads of Affiliate Programs to Choose From

  • Very Easy to Navigate & Use

  • Provides solid reports on how your campaigns are doing


  • Payment Threshold quite high

  • Sometimes Affiliates ain’t notified when Merchant’s Programs are Down


shareasale webpage


6. Amazon Associates

It is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. People know about amazon in the majority of countries & use amazon to read reviews and buy products. People buy a wide range of products from amazon. People have a lot of trust with regards to amazon so it is easier to sell things through their site. Another good thing about amazon if a visitor clicks through your link. Someone doesn’t have to buy your particular product they can buy anything and you will receive a commission just as long as it is within 24 hours of clicking through your link. I have another website where a vistor clicked through my link but didn’t buy the book I recommended but did buy a alternative book & I received commission for that purchase instead. The commission wasn’t that high but when you receive in good amounts then it works out well for you. Sometimes people will buy instead of a book electronics devices or home garden products. Lets say high value items you would end up getting a high amount of commission. The current draw backs are that the cookies only last 24 hours. The visitor that clicked through your link would have only 24 hours to make a purchase. Even if they buy your product after 24 hours you would still not get a commission for that sale.


amazon associates webpage


Another drawback of Amazon Associates is the fact that the commissions are quite low. The commissions percentage varies from 1% to 10% depending on the type of product & offer. Another thing you have to consider is that is not as easy to get approved as it is with clickbank. You need to have to have a website fully fleshed out & built with a lot of rich content within it. If you display overs to their products in a way they do not seem fit & they find out. Expect your account to be banned so keep that in mind. Their was a affiliate marketer who had a business model that he deemed fit to promote the amazon products & when amazon reviewed his site. This marketer had his account banned so make sure to read their terms and conditions. Their privacy policy & all the legal documents they provide to their sellers. Another thing is you have 90 or 180 days to make the first sale. If you don’t then you end up having your account terminated so make sure you keep a eye on this. The final drawback is if your promoting offers for amazon.com and your vistors are from europe clicking through to the amazon.co.uk site or .fr site then you will not receive commission for any of those purhuses so keep a eye on that.



So thats my summary for the top affiliate network programs for 2018.


Top Affiliate Programs to Watch Out For in 2018

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