When is comes to Viddoyze 3.0: Here’s What I Really Think!

Since the beginning of my career, I’ve always been interested in using digital animation but never quite knew where to start. Since recent times there has been a massive shift in the use of video marketing with the appearance of facebook & youtube. The reach of Facebook & youtube videos these days are quite massive. I’ve seen clients have their marketing campaigns increase by 78% with the right online video content.

This can make quite the difference in any campaign but like a lot of people, just the thought of creating these videos results in an instant headache. It was not long before I was introduced to viddoyze by a good friend of mine & it changed all that. Finally being able to tap into the power of video animation & video creation. I was able to let my creative impulses run free & since this is the newest release i wanted to give my honest review of viddoyze. So lets jump to the next part of my Viddoyze 3.0 Review & look specifically at what viddoyze can do for you.

image from viddyoze review detailing some of the features of the software

with the recent viddyoze 3.0 release.
I’ve included a list of the new features below.

1. You can access Live Action Animations
This was one of my favourite features of Viddyoze 3.0. & can only be found with this software.
This lets you place any logo or text of your choosing into any video with real people. I found this quite interesting to use. Especially if you were to use this software to create longer video content or incorporate this into animated movies or short clips.

2. you can make Intro and Outro videos for your content.
We are not talking about any low-quality stuff from Elance or Fiverr. These are completely customize-able to the specific branding & theme that you choose.

3. Nice Smooth Transitions in the animated created content.
When it comes to editing videos, you’ll know how important really great transitions between scenes are. I’m happy to say that Viddyoze 3.0 doesn’t disappoint here with a massive range of truly polished options at your fingertips.

4. The Viddyoze Template Club
This will cost you £37 a month or you can think of it as £347 an year but with this, you will get access to more than 650 exclusive templates. With the addition of 15 new Members Only templates every month after that.

5. 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Customer satisfaction is top priority so there is a 30 day money back guarantee included with any purchase of the platform. So you can still trial it & see how it goes.

6. This software is completely 100% Cloud Based Software
This is an advantage when I am personally creating videos cause I do not like the thought of being stuck to my pc at home. I like to create my content especially when I’m on the go a lot. Being able to choose between pc, tablet or mac book is a blessing.

viddyoze template screen

Are there any downsides?

I find that the software is very easy to use but the time it takes to render videos can be a little too long.
This doesn’t stop you from multitasking & letting videos render while you work on something else.
So it really depends how you manage your time with this software.
I really recommend the Template Club. With the number of ready made templates available it’s something that you can’t miss out on.

So there you have it that’s my rundown of this software
I’ve given it a personal (89 out of 100)

  • easy to use (even my granddad is a pro with it)
  • 100% percent cloud based
  • money back guarantee
  • extremely high-quality high video content

get access to the viddyoze by clicking link

Viddyoze 3.0


Great addition to my video making arsonal

Viddoyze 3.0 Review: Here’s What I Really Think.

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